Website homepage (fourth draft)

After using my draft plans to create a fully functional website, I discovered more features that I wanted in my website as well as two additional website pages to go with the homepage in order to create a complete website for the artist.

The homepage remains very similar to my recent drafts and is based on my final draft but I chose to feature more things such as embed my music video to the homepage, feature a ‘listen now’ button below the album cover image, apply a header bar for users to navigate around the website easily and add a ‘contact’ form at the bottom of the page for users to contact the artist. Overall, I believe that adding these featured helped to create a more professional and complete website.




As you can see, I chose to keep the same colour scheme, font and layout as this was given positive feedback by my focus group.

In order to create a more compete website, I was advised to add two more pages into the website. I chose to feature a ‘music’ page and a ‘store’ page that allow users to access the artists current music and also purchase their merchandise.



All pages are fully working and interactive and feature a variety of ¬†buttons and embedded content much like the websites I analysed in my research such as Porter Robinson’s and Nick Colletti’s.

Overall, I am happy with the outcome of my website and feel that it reflects both the artist, my music video and the research that I did prior to the creation of my drafts. Furthermore, I feel that my website homepage and digipak accompany my music video well and create one professional, synergised media product.

Website homepage (third draft)

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.59.54.png

After receiving feedback on my second draft from a professional and my focus group, I was told to change the image linked to the embedded video to the digipak cover rather than a frame from the music video. In addition to this, I was told to ensure that all content is correctly snapped to the centre of the homepage in order to make it more professional. Finally, I was told change the font of ” Music | Store” and “Latest release” to a different Sans Serif font than the website title. For this, I chose ‘Arial Unicode MS’ and feel that it complements the website well as well as the present font in the title, ‘NexaBold’.

Overall, I am glad that the focus group enjoyed the simplistic design I have created as I was heavily inspired by the simple yet effective designs I saw during my research of website homepages.

Goodbye Gravity & Woolookologie – Skyline (vocal mix) – Music video – Third draft

This is the third draft of my media main task, After receiving feedback from Mr Michie, I have re edited the video based on some of the improvements he has given me to complete. IMG_2904.JPG

Amongst the feedback I was given, I was told that the video was too repetitious and that other views/locations would benefit the video. To compete this improvement, I featured footage from Canary Warf (the location visited during my re shoot). In addition to this, I was told to be more technical with my edits and feature more playful editing. To do this, I added an RGB split to a cutaway, walking shot as well as feature more RGB splits in time to the beat of the drop in the song. This also help to achieve the improvement of featuring more effects to gather interest. Finally, I was told to tighten my tilt shots. To do this, I simply cut out the unnecessary last few seconds of the tilt shots to improve the flow of the clips and not deviate attention away from the focus of the clip.

I was also advised to feature a cross dissolve transition effect within the video, however I don’t think it quite fits with the feel of the video and adds a slideshow effect the the footage used within the video which I did not like the look of at all so chose to give that improvement a miss in the hope that I have done enough to improve the overall grade of my main task.